Legacy of the dearly departed

A word prompt this week;



Someone dear to us has passed away

We mourn their death with sorrow and sadness

What we feel, sometimes is not what we show to the world

For not all those who leave this world, leave good memories behind

Some people make the lives of those caring for them, hell

And their passing away is at time a blessed release

From a burden that was becoming too much to carry

We can become unfriendly and cranky with illness and age

But one thing that always should be remembered by us all

What sort of legacy are we leaving in the hearts and minds

Of those who cared for us day and night till the end

Perhaps these thoughts can make our attitude softer, more generous

And our words kinder and more understanding!


Written for ;RXC PROMPT #249, hosted by Reena



56 thoughts on “Legacy of the dearly departed

  1. There is a concept known as the Law of Recency that says that we tend to best remember things that happened most recently. Sometimes this is unfortunate when dealing with someone who may not have been their best selves before they pass.

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    1. Yes, that can happen too. But people who are nice in full health are usually nice in sickness too unless they have mental health issues. Then of course it’s understandable


  2. It is very difficult at times to know the truth about the person we have long cared for and then turns into a crumdgeon when they are unable to do what they used to do. Boxed of saved photos might give us some glancing insight but when ‘that’ loved one goes… and there are none left to tell the tales, we should remember our own good memories.

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