Music- As it soothes and comforts

Ponderous Thought Prompt

This month, share some of your comfort music, when and how it comforts you.

Hey everyone,
Welcome to the 32nd edition of The Saturday Symphony. This edition is a bit of a musical journey. Hope you enjoy.

Comfort music embraces our trauma.
We commune with it.
It makes us feel less alone.
This September symphony, may we hum, sing, sway and dance to our comfort music.


When Iโ€™m tired, music rejuvenates my body

When Iโ€™m sad music cheers my mood

When Iโ€™m lonely, music give me company

When Iโ€™m happy music celebrates with me

I need music when I go for a walk in the nature

And I need music playing softly when Iโ€™m writing

In all moods and in all phases of my day

Music plays a vital role to compliment it beautifully


Some of my all time favorites;

Yanni- Nostalgia

Barbra Streisand- Woman in love

Pharrell Williams- Happy

Imagine Dragons- Thunder


Written for Saturday Symphony # 32- Music, hosted by Jude



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