Seeing Things

September 14: Senses: Sight

Many people cannot see what’s right in front of their eyes.

The gift of vision is indeed a great gift. Vision is when you see beyond what is visible. Vision is when you see the possibilities in a given situation. Not everyone can be a great visionary, but with thought and contemplation, we can develop the gift of envisioning possibilities in the obvious.

I host a weekly challenge, What do you see!

When I read the responses from many different bloggers, this saying makes perfect sense to me. Looking at the same image, everyone sees something different. How we think, and how we perceive makes all the difference in what we see!


Look and see

Perceive and evaluate

Make a judgment

Put your own spin on it

Own it with pride


Written for WQW # 35 – Sight, hosted by Marsha



33 thoughts on “Seeing Things

  1. You have pointed out some great truths about sight, Sadje. We don’t all see the same things the same way, and we assume that we see the same thing. I think it always comes as a shock when you open your ears to hear another’s perspective.

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