No going back

We have a phrase this week to serve as your writing prompt.

…passing through a doorway in history


Past holds a fascination

The desire to know all that’s hidden

Beneath the dusty pages of yesterday

The wonder of what and how things occurred

Makes us want to step through the doorway in history

And take deep look, at the events that happened then

We want unvarnished, untarnished and unbiased truth

And not the version of one set of ideals or the other

But it it even possible to know the whole truth

And not the one as seen through the eyes of the narrator?

It seems that there’s no going back!


Written for RXC: PROMPT # 248, hosted by Reena



43 thoughts on “No going back

  1. Ah, I think these truths are always somewhat subjective. Especially, as Mich writes, when told by a those in power. We must be careful about these narratives and disrupt them often. Awesome contemplation, Sadje.

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