Unfounded suspicions

The image is from the WordPress Free Photo Library.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman lying on a sectional sofa draped by a large, bluish terrycloth towel or blanket that covers all of her body, including her head, except for her lower legs and feet.


When he decided to spy on his wife, the last thing he expected was to discover that she would just be spending a lazy afternoon on the couch while he had said that he was going on a trip outside the city.

Silently, he peeked through the living room window and saw her lying on the sofa, her body covered by her favorite blue blanket. He was relieved that his suspicions were unfounded and Martha wasn’t having an affair in his absence with his best friend, James.

He crept away, got in his car, and left. As soon as the sound of the car driving away reached Martha’s ears, she flung away the blanket and called to James who was hiding behind the sofa.

He’s gone now! Let’s do some planning!

Both got busy working out the details of Mark’s 40th surprise birthday party!


Written in response to FFFC # 184, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS #63 , hosted by Fandango




54 thoughts on “Unfounded suspicions

  1. Awesome. I’m thrilled that this is a situation where Mark is a suspicious husband who was still tricked, but by someone who had his best intentions at heart and clearly knows him very well. I hope he has a moment where he gets called out for not trusting Martha and James, though. Anyway, great story! I love it!

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