Is blogging akin to a message in a bottle?

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“A blog is a message in a bottle, both in purpose and likely readership.” Robert Breault


I must confess that this analogy is a bit above my head. It needlessly makes blogging seem like a flash in a pan kind of thing.

The only similarity between a message in a bottle and a blog might be the length of it. though you can have a blog post of more than a couple of thousand words.

A message in a bottle ( though I’ve only come across one only in stories) is a rare thing. Where a blog is mostly a consistent thing. A blogger writes with regularity on their blog, and the reader relies on this predictability.

As for the purpose of a blog, I think that the only way it can compare to a message in a bottle would be that we don’t know who will read our post, just like that message. Though with time we start to know our readership, there still are new people every day who can and do come across our blog and read our posts.

In conclusion, I’d say that a blog post is more like an article printed in a newspaper, which many would come across and read. The advantage of a blog is that they can give you instant feedback and we can have a conversation with them which, is an option no other media provides.

Written for;Blogging Insights NF # 53, hosted by Tanya



68 thoughts on “Is blogging akin to a message in a bottle?

  1. 🤔 I can relate well to what you wrote, Sadje.

    I do not like referring to a blog as a message in a bottle because messages in bottles will not be seen or found for a very long time.

    Blogging, on the other hand, is instant. You press the “Publish” button and hundreds of people worldwide get to see it.

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  2. I agree, I don’t understand his analogy. One would put a message in a bottle and hope, with fingers crossed, that someone might find and read it. I have followers that have chosen to read my content and should expect it with regularity. An inaccurate comparison, at the very least.

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  3. I completely agree with you. I think this quote misses taking engagement with your fellow community members into account. If there is no engagement, then possibly a blog post is like a message in a bottle, however, with engagement I believe a blog post is more akin to your perspective, Sadje. Awesome post.

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  4. I’d describe my blogging as a sort of message-in-a-bottle. Sometimes what I put out there probably doesn’t make much sense. But there’s always that one person who “gets” it and that’s what matters to me.

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  5. I have mixed emotions about this quote… it comes across as a slap in the face of blogging I think; giving it very little importance. Although we are not out to solve the worlds problems we have thoughts and feelings, views and opinions we would like to express. This is a valid way to do so with a bigger audience than that which we can stand and talk to at the office coffee pot. It may not hit many people but it just may hit the right person who it sparks magic with.

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    1. You’re absolutely right Leigha, it seems condescending and demeaning. I think blogging is a way to connect with people across the world and perhaps convey our feelings and thoughts to them in a constructive way

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  6. What a polarizing quote! A simile or analogy like this works like a Rorschach blot, which we all interpret in our own way . I looked first for similarities –and they do exist! Then for the differences, which are proving very popular here. What fun! Thank you, Sadje and everyone else 🙂

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