Message in a bottle?

Look there is a bottle in the water!


It might have a message in it for you or me!

Who would be sending messages to us in a bottle?

Perhaps it’s a message from the past, just like the movies, or……. it could be a genie like the song!

You should start living in reality my dear sister. Let me just check it.


Written for CCC # 200, hosted by Crispina Kemp



46 thoughts on “Message in a bottle?

  1. Jinn can be tricky folk. But then so is all magik.
    Used to be fun to think about messages in bottles… I think a few old ones turned up in the news actually… but now with litter and all.
    There was a home show I watch one time where one of the apprientice builders stuck a message in a bottle and put it in the wall – it was found during a reno… and the hosts of the show actually found the gent as he had put his whole name on the note (which they left for the new homeowners.)

    🙂 Fun to think about.

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