The meeting place

Meeting – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a woodland. In the centre of the woodland is a clearing with fallen trees made into a round seating area. At the head of the seating area is a grand chair.


It was nearing sunset that Maisie came out in the open and sat on one of the logs. One by one, many joined her and gradually the circle was full of waiting woodland fairies.

But the chair at the head remained empty. Everyone was getting anxious because it wasn’t like the wise fairy to be late. What if she was caught? Taken a prisoner? Or God forbid, had forsaken them and flown away someplace? These questions were percolating in the minds of all present.

But all the wondering stopped when the wise fairy suddenly appeared and took her position at the head of the gathering.

“Dear fairy folks, I’m sorry to be tardy today but I had a good reason to be so. I have important information!” She stopped and looked at the faces turned towards her.

“Our forest is going to be cleared, to make way for a new resort to be built here. This has to be stopped at once. Do you have any suggestions?”

A young fairy put forward the idea of using the spell of forgetfulness on the developers so they completely forget their idea. The wise fairy liked this idea and it was put into action, by two older fairies who had powerful magic. Thus saving a forest that had stood there for generations.


Written for WritePhoto- Meeting, hosted by KL Caley



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