A plea

This image is unattributed.

For the visually challenged writer, the image shows a woman standing in an eerie forest and her arms transition into bare limbs of a tree and her lower torso into a tree trunk with long roots spreading out across the ground .


Today she would find out if her entire life was a lie, as she stood in the forest and chanted the spell taught to her by her mother. If the spell worked, it would mean that she had inherited the magic from her mother, and if the spell failed, she would be daubed a fraud and charlatan.

Taking a deep breath, she said the incantation and raised her hand skywards. It started happening almost immediately. Her feet elongated and turned into root-like structures anchoring her to the place. Her arms took the shape of branches and extended towards the sky.

Now she uttered the plea. “Please keep my tribe safe in this time of hardship. We seek the shelter of mother nature and grant us the form that would protect us from the enemy

One by one the people of her tribe started to change like her into different forms. And soon they blended into the forest and the enemy which came looking to destroy her tribe couldn’t find them.


Written for FFFC # 183, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS # 62, hosted by Fandango

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