My country needs your help

As you might have read or heard on news that my country Pakistan has been hit by the worse flood in our nation’s history.

More than 30 million people have be rendered homeless. They are in dire need of food, shelter and medications.

People have asked about donations so I’m posting a few links to organizations that are trustworthy.

World food program;

Where to donate for flood victims in Pakistan: Washington post;


International Red Cross;

Please donate generously.




130 thoughts on “My country needs your help

        1. They have no place to go as everything is under water. Even highways. Many organizations are helping to set up temporary shelters and tent villages for them. I pray that the water recedes quickly. Amen

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    1. I’ve been mentioning them in my posts but hadn’t asked for help. But a few blogging friends had asked so I thought I’d share the links with you all. Thanks a lot


    1. We are safe, away from the floods. We love in the central plains. The north and south are the most affected areas. Over run by rain water and now the rivers, lakes and dam reservoirs are also flooding.


      1. I have been doing since I discovered about it, it is absolutely heartbreaking. We have looked up to see if Lahore was affected as I worried about you ❤️

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          1. Sadje my heart goes out to you too, I only found out about this through listening to a Mass on the internet last night. I can assure you that all the Catholic Churches in the uk and Ireland are praying deep heartfelt prayers for Pakistan. They are also asking us to send money if we can. I am horrified that this has been so underreported in our country we have just had to go to CNN News to find out more. The report was long and devastating, as I have already said my heart goes out to your people, please know that you ARE now being prayed for in our country, and I am also sure that people will give generously. For what it is worth , sending love to your country.

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  1. This is shocking!

    Loss of house, valuable things, memories lives, and large number displacement is painful and irreversible.

    I hope govt of India provide more aids to our neighbour Pakistan as they follow “Neighbourhood First” Policy.

    I pray for the safety and security of the people of Pakistan. 🙏

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      1. Climate Change has badly affected India, too. Flood in Assam and less irregular monsoon can be seen on major North India.

        Humans have become so selfish that do not understand the meaning of life at all. And who has to suffer? the weak, miserable and bottom.

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  2. Thanks so very much dear Sadje, I was looking for a reliable organisation to donate. These links were helpful and I donated to UN-WFP.

    Apart from that every day I keep praying for the safety of all the women, children, men and the families; including wildlife and flora and fauna; impacted by this mayhem.
    May all those affected be safe, healthy and may this devastation now pave way for well being and safety of every being.

    Big hugs.

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  3. Omg 😱 I didn’t know. I’ve been avoiding the news lately because it’s giving me sensory overload. Is the flood still ongoing? How is the situation? Is it anywhere near where you live? Praying for the victims and their families. I wish I could donate but the situation in Lebanon is very dire. If my brothers were still in the US, I would ask them to send but they are currently in Lebanon.

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    1. Thing are improving slowly, but the displaced people have no where to go and they need food and medicine in addition to shelter. People are helping but our need is great. Thanks


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