I’m fine, thanks!

This week Fandango asks;

How are you doing? Seriously, are you okay? Feeling good? Just okay? Not so great? Why do you think you’re feeling the way you are?


In Marilyn’s book I’m probably going to jinx myself by saying that I’m doing fine!

Why do I feel the way I feel?

I had surgery on my left foot at the end of June. This is a long procedure taking at least 12 weeks for the bones to fuse. I spent the first 6 weeks in bed, moving only to visit the toilet, and the rest of the time just sitting, lying on my bed; reading, blogging, and watching tv.

For the last 4 weeks, I’ve been allowed to walk and can attend to my needs myself. The cast will come off in about 10 days and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to walk pain-free.

So why all this preamble, you’d ask?

I want to say that I’m fine despite what I’m going through, I feel fine and contented with my life. The reason for this is that I have come to terms with life. Whatever comes my way, I’ve accepted it as the will of God and I know that the more we fight the inevitable, the less peace we have. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any disturbances in my life. There are, but if one is ready for upsets one can take them in one’s stride.

Another important thing that I’ve adopted is to stay away from negativity. News, tv talk shows, and negative people, all are on my list to avoid. Some would say that I’m living in a fool’s paradise, and are probably right. But my first duty is towards myself, and it’s the only way I can keep a sane mind.


In response to FPQ # 181, hosted by Fandango



49 thoughts on “I’m fine, thanks!

  1. I totally agree with soaking in positive energy as a way of life not just once in a while or for a few minutes of meditation.
    Great inspirational words Sadje…to accept and come to terms with self is powerful and freeing.
    Thank you!!

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  2. Encouraging post. I myself enjoy the ‘fools paradise’, why dwell on all the negative energy surrounding us. I am glad you are doing well from foot surgery. I went through foot surgery in 2019 and not having the ability to walk is hard. I pray continued healing so that you are fully pain free.

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  3. Speedy recovery, Sadje. Stay strong. Every little thing is gonna be alright. I don’t know why Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” is in my head as I type this.

    The positivity we profess in bad times are prophetic and become reality soon. I’m glad you stayed away from negativity and are positive.

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  4. It doesn’t make me feel better for sure, but keeping in touch with the state of our world makes me feel that at least I’m still part of the world and not locked in a closet. But I don’t watch a lot of news. I don’t use Facebook and Twitter is just for publicizing the blog. I always wish there was more I could do, though I think no matter what, I’d feel I should be doing more..

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    1. I understand! I chose not to be exposed to constantly expressed negativity in the tv and it’s numerous talk shows. I feel they are exaggerating the issue, just talk of all that’s bad and never about anything good.


  5. Sounds like your recovery is going well, and that is definitely something to feel good about. I have cut back a lot on how much time I spend watching or reading the news, but I can’t give it up altogether without feeling cut off from what is going on in the world around me. And, sadly, what IS going on in the world kinda sucks. But I also realize that so much of that is outside of my control and I need to focus more on those things that are either within my control or that I can at least influence. And if I also focus on my family, that makes me feel better and almost at peace (other than worrying about the kind of world we are leaving for our grandchildren).

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    1. Thanks Fandango, the recovery is on track. How is your wife’s foot healing?
      I guess men feel more that way because my husband is constantly listening to the news and talk shows and then cribbing about the state our world/ country is in. Things which are out of our control, worrying about them just adds to frustration.

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