First Sharing of September’2022

Di is our host for SYW, while Melanie is busy getting better ( Amen)


1. Do you prefer tea, coffee or juice first thing in the morning?

I love having coffee first thing in the morning….. but recently, the coffee has stopped loving me. With the number of pain meds I take after my surgery, my stomach has become very sensitive to caffeine, so I’ve switched to a cup of tea. And it is usually my only caffeinated beverage of the day! Sadness!

2. When it comes to food, what is your favourite smell?

Freshly baking bread or brownies. I also love the aroma of French fries.

3. Do you prefer a take-out or to dine in a restaurant?

It depends. If I’m lazing around, I’d like takeout or order home delivery. If I want to get dressed up and go out, a meal in a restaurant is the best!

4. If you are hosting a party, do you prepare the food yourself, get caterers in or ask everyone to bring something for the table?

We often invite our kids with their kids for a family meal. Luckily I have help in the kitchen and I supplement it with some food ordered from a restaurant. Catering is when it’s a large party. That hasn’t happened in a while. With young kids, I don’t ask my kids to bring in food.


What has been the highlight of your week this week?

Currently, I am counting days till I get my cast off. Last Friday a friend invited me for breakfast at a nice cafe. That was very enjoyable. The food was good, but meeting with my friend was even better.

My royal poinciana is blooming, the sky is ready to deliver more rain.

Thank you Di, for stepping in and keeping SYW going.



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