A letter a week- W- Wally and the wandering Albatross

Place – wheelchair

Emotion – wildly happy

Adjective – wishful

Verb – wobble

My animal – Wandering Albatrosses

Wally was six years old. Being an adventurous boy he broke his leg and had to be taken places on the brand new wheelchair.

He was very interested in birds and when he was told that a wandering Albatross was nesting near their home, it became very necessary for him to see the bird for himself.

His dad knew that Wally was wishful about going and observing the rare bird despite being bound to the wheelchair. So both the father and son started for the coast early in the morning. With the help of binoculars and a bit of luck, they spotted the Wandering Albatross, sitting on a rocky outcrop looking a bit wobbly.

Dad took lots of pictures of the Albatross, one even had Wally and the bird in the same frame. Wally showed the photo to his friends very proudly.


Written for Deb of Nopes, not Pam’s Challenge- A letter a week- W

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