Space travel?

I am skeptical about the validity of space travel.

It would take an immense amount of resources to be actually able to have a colony on the moon or perhaps on another planet, provided it’s even possible. Then there will be the big question of who will live there.

With the same amount of money, we can solve most of the problems we are facing here on our planet. The starving millions, people without homes, the excess use of fossil fuel are the problems that can be resolved by all that money and resources.

I also feel the space program and this race to see which country is the first to establish its dominance in space is just another ploy to divert the attention of people from real issues on the ground.

If you ask the majority of ordinary folks, they would rather we solve the problems they are facing on the planet earth rather than head toward the space


Written for Jim’s MLMM challenge- Space travel



46 thoughts on “Space travel?

  1. I guess I am not with the majority of the people. Although I don’t recall being asked to participate in a survey.
    There will always be exploration. The very first one celled creature crawling out of the water was probably exploring … perhaps looking for something better.
    I don’t doubt some people explore for selfish reasons, but I believe there are others trying to make things better.

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    1. I agree that humans should explore, but it should be in proportion to the resources. I feel our race had a duty to the unfortunate people before funding billions in research which may not bring any positive results. But we all are entitled to our opinions.

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  2. I wonder if generations ago some people thought the same way about exploring the ‘distant lands’? I agree there are many places here on earth and now that needs the resources. But what if the cure for cancer, for example, is waiting in the sky?

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  3. It is an issue that some are passionate about – space – living there. While it does take funds, those who are feeding that race believe they are preparing for the eventual non-existance of our planet.

    I enjoy sci-fi. I believe living in space can happen. Maybe for future generations. But… all the shows I watch about living in space – humans and other life still bring the same problems we have here, up there.

    Attitudes must change, peace, acceptance and harmony need to be achieved from the family unit, through neighborhoods, communities, states, and countries. Co-operation will be the key to any survival here or there.

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  4. Everything that you said Sadje made perfect sense to me. The only problem that I see is that it is going to be harder to fix the problems that we have here on earth, than it will be to travel into space. Most of our problems have been with us a long time, and a lot of people resist change, so it is difficult to get people to agree on anything.

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    1. Thanks Jim. You’re right, we are shortsighted people and can’t see what’s right under our nose. If we ever manage to establish a colony in space, we’ll do the same What we are doing here. Destruction of the environment.

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  5. I’ve always been conflicted about this but I think space exploration is just as important as any other industry albeit I’d prefer if it was just limited to govt. orgs.

    However, I do agree with you. Space exploration alone is harmful and pointless but a simultaneous effort in exploring space and solving problems on earth is something I would ardently support.

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