Saturday morning Question from Rory

What’s the difference between jelly and jelly fish?

Plain jelly can only wobble while a jellyfish can swim and sting too.

If you had the opportunity to travel back to a specific period in your life and alter it slightly or significantly – what age would you return to, what would you do, and why would you choose to relive it and if you wouldn’t, why not?

I’ve been asked this question many types and I always answer in negative. But now I think if I get the opportunity to go back to the past, I’d go to the time when I was very young and my flat feet weren’t discovered/ diagnosed by anyone. I’d force my parents to take note and get me treated for it. The current surgery to fix some of the issues in my left foot has made me realize the importance of early detection and treatment of this easily treatable malady.

What topics can you not write about with conviction?

I can’t write about things that I haven’t experienced myself, like traveling to far off places on the planet.

What does the phrase ‘make from scratch’ mean, and who or what does the scratch refer to?

Scratch is the sound we make when writing on the drawing board. So made from scratch would be something that’s made out of that original idea on the drawing board to completion.

What is the weirdest question you have ever asked or wanted to ask someone but haven’t had the opportunity?

I haven’t the guts to ask weird questions to people to their face. In my mind I’ve often wanted to ask people why they act so weirdly?

What makes for a good life and what would make your life good today?

I think peace of mind makes for a good life. Today my country is in a lot of problems due to floods. 30 million people have been rendered homeless due to heavy rains. I’d feel happy today if the world recognizes that this devastation is caused by climate change and do something about it.

Are you easily distracted or do you have focused concentration?

Oh yes, I am. I forget what I was about to say and often wonder why I went to the other room after getting there.

What distracts you or what keeps your mind piqued all the time?

Random thoughts are distracting. I have a monkey brain that jumps from topic to topic and one thought to another in seconds.

What was the last thing that blew you away in a good way? [Interpret as wish]

The birth of my grandson in July was a big deal for us all. Now I’m looking forward to September 16th when my cast will come off, finally.

When was the last time you did something totally outrageous or ridiculous?

I do it all the time, according to my family.

Describe your blog’s personality in only three words?

Simple, heartfelt, wise

Bonus Question

Can You Nail Jelly to the Wall and if so how?

First you need to glue it to the wall. Then use nails to affix a metal container below it. I think the jelly should stay put.

Written in response to Rory’s Saturday morning Questions



39 thoughts on “Saturday morning Question from Rory

  1. Sadje your answers are amazing. I love your point about making from “scratch” I had not thought of it that way.
    I agree with your three words about your blog..Perfect!
    Your jelly plan is excellent! That should keep it in mint jelly condition and prevent jelly rolls 🤣👍

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  2. Hey Sadje, some great answers in there. Did you know that ‘from scratch’ originated from the sporting industry – running, baseball, cricket and so on? it was the line of the ground siganlling starting point.

    I never thought flat footed was a problem that persisted into adulthood, so sorry to hear of your problems.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rory. I never took my flat feet seriously but for last few years one of them had become very painful to walk on. I’m hoping that when the cast comes off, I will be free of the pain. Amen.

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