Putting puzzles back

The image is from Shutterstock.com

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a young couple lying on a rug working together on a jigsaw puzzle.


I loved doing jigsaw puzzles. It was my daily routine to do at least one puzzle on my phone. The app was so easy to use and there was no fear of losing the pieces. But then I stopped!

Why? You’d ask!

The reason is simple. It was putting too much stress on my vision. The more piece of the puzzle you select, the smaller they are. Identifying the pattern and fitting it in takes a lot of concentration so it was getting too stressful for my eyes. And health comes before entertainment, right?

So no more putting the pieces of puzzle back for me!


Written in response to FFFC # 182, hosted by Fandango



45 thoughts on “Putting puzzles back

  1. I love doing puzzles as well. I used to challenge myself and I think I the best I did was a 1000 piece in about 3 hours. I get so sucked in. Now doing a 300 or 500 only takes an hour or two. I also used to glue them all together thinking I don’t know what. Now I carefully take them apart, tape the box, and donate them.

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  2. I don’t like the app either for the same reason as you. I love putting together complex jigsaw puzzles but the pieces are so small that I struggle to see them on my tiny phone screen. I have a couple of large puzzles (1000-3000 pieces) in the garage and I long for the days when I can spread out and do one of those puzzles.

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