Repost- A wonder in the sky

I’m sharing this post from 2020 as it fits the prompt for this week- Clouds


-Google Images

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


A wonder in the sky

Floating in the clouds these magnificent ships sails undetected and unobserved by mere mortals. Driven by the winds, their sails bellow and sparkle in the skies.

It is said that when the righteous are in trouble, help from heaven comes from above. They aided and abetted the Allies during the Great War. Diverting the planes and bombs of the enemy and saving a lot of lives. Beautiful winged creatures are in control of these ships.

Humans cannot see them but all other creatures, big and small observe them and are in awe of them.

Maybe if you’re lucky, you will see a ship like this one day, up above, floating in the sky.

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