How eager is man

To know his future, fate

He devices many methods

To fathom the mystery of days to come

Tarot cards, lines of the hand

Crystal ball or the writing on the visage

To what end I ask?

What is going to happen will happen

If it’s written in the stars, knowing won’t change it

If it’s all in your hand, perhaps a prior knowledge will be adverse

So let tomorrow take care of itself

While you enjoy what you’ve today

Fate is just what you make of your life


Written for RXC # 246, hosted by Reena



64 thoughts on “Fate?

  1. After years of predicting (reasonably well), one day I realized it was exactly as you say: meaningless. What will happen, will happen. You can’t plan for a “possible” future. We can barely plan for a future based on what we think it reality because it may not turn out to be REAL after all.

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  2. I actually read an article about ‘magic boards’ – I forget the name. But it was created my humans and the article basically said it was the human unconsciousness that ‘controlled’ the planchette – not other worldly spirits!!

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