Concession form

It was almost 40 years ago that I got into medical college in Lahore, where I was going to live in a girls’ hostel because my family lived in Islamabad.

We didn’t get Saturdays off and the summer break was only 4 weeks long because studying medicine was a serious business so if we got any unexpected vacation days we would all make a beeline for the students’ clerk’s office.

Why him, you’d ask: the answer was simple, we wanted concession forms to travel by train to our homes.

A concession form made it possible for the students to travel at half the fare in the economy class for just 10 Rs, which was about 10 cents, not much but we were on a student budget so every bit made a difference.

If the announcement for the day/days off was unexpected, the clerk was mobbed with both girls and boys asking him to stamp our forms, which sometimes we got just in the nick of time, and then we made a mad dash for the railway station to catch the train.

Traveling home was another adventure altogether as we seldom found seats to sit on so we would sit on our bags, singing and joking all the way and eating strange, unidentified food from every station the train stopped at; what fun we had!


Written for Six Sentences Story- Form, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise



80 thoughts on “Concession form

      1. I agree Sadje…i remember taking the public transportation and enjoying student fare discount, even when i was not a student anymore🙈🤭 the bus attendant would just assume i am a student still🙈🙈

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  1. Such a great story Sadje. I do love riding on the rails. And thanks for the taste of home too. The commuter train pictured is a GO Train. The GO standing for Government of Ontario. These trains run through the outskirts of Toronto all day every day bringing the suburban masses to the downtown core and back home again.

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  2. Surely the coolest thing about the blogosphere in general and the Six Sentence Story bloghop in particular, to be privy to experiences of a person in another part of the world at time in the distant (to some of us) past.
    Very cool

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  3. Recollecting our youth while attending school away from home? Without doubt, filled with adventures we may not have necessarily have labeled so at the time, lol.
    Thank you for sharing from your “history book”, Sadje 😊

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