In my free time- Saturday Symphony- August Edition


This month, share a little of the things you do in your free time; or that time you force to be free.


We race against the clock everyday to finish today, before tomorrow becomes another today.

I live a life free from responsibilities. Only the ones I volunteer for are entrusted to me. The rest of time is mine to spend or waste as I like, ‘cos I’ve earned this right reaching the age of sixty.

Cooking is not my passion

Nor is gardening or housework

I delight in doing laundry because it’s the easiest of the chores

Reading books I love is what I’d like to do all day

Or perhaps write for my blog and my blogging family

Listening to music as I read or write

Finding new songs to hum along

Watching television is a strict no-no

But perhaps a movie recommended by friends or family

Going to theater was something I loved to do

Enjoying the immersive experience with popcorn to go

But alas that activity is on hold for the moment

Waiting for things to improve health-wise

Playing with my grandkids is a blast

Provided it’s not too taxing for my injured foot

These are some of the ways I like to spend my time

What about you?


In response to Saturday Symphony- In my free time, hosted by Jude


#Saturday Symphony

106 thoughts on “In my free time- Saturday Symphony- August Edition

    1. The foot is healing nicely. I needed the surgery because of my flat foot and arthritic joints which made walking painful for me. It was a 3 months long healing process and I’m almost there.

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      1. Excellent! I’m glad that’s working out for you. I’m also glad that I’ve made a decision not to ever have arthritis. I just have to make up my mind about what I do and don’t want to experience, right? 😉

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  1. I don’t mind the kitchen… simple means are best. Sometimes I even let my hubby clean up! 😉
    Yes to mostly everything else. Though we are allowed to be different on a few things too.

    I know there are folks that once they retire they must fill every waking moment to feel justified.
    Volunteering here or there. Even getting part time jobs. I’m done with that. Like you, I’ve done my ‘time’ earning and volunteering. And I enjoy time with family, doing what I want and making my own choices.

    Continue to heal!!

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      1. I’m just a tad older than you 😉
        I started ‘working’ – babysitting when I was around 9 or 10 and have worked pretty much full or part time (with or without pay – caring for my grands when they were little for about 8 years – paid in hugs and kisses) – so I’m sort of retired for only about 4 years really. ~Thanks 💖

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              1. 🙂
                I didn’t get to use it though… The eldest sister held onto it and wouldn’t ship it. I wonder if her own daughter wore it. But I’ll never know as that family chose to remain distant.

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                    1. I’ve been watching the series called Midsummer Murders… lots of dysfuntional families there. At least one would like to think those stories are fiction. But they could be based on some small bit of fact.

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  2. Free time. I vaguely remember free time. You’d think at my age (not telling but older than you, Sadje!) I’d have a ton. Nope, but when I do I spend it writing. I love to write and can think of just a few things that give me more pleasure and satisfaction. Working on my indoor plants is a relaxing pastime. I’m a good cook but I’ve grown tired of cooking (especially when there’s isn’t enough time to do it properly) and I don’t like house cleaning at all. I love music and enjoy watching concerts on TV (one of the few things I watch). My older grandkids are in school full time but Colette is just entering nursery school so we do a lot of babysitting. Maybe by the time she’s in school all day I’ll have a little more free time … if I’m still alive by then! 🤣

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  3. I am with you on cooking, Sadje. I consider myself a basic cook and I don’t particularly enjoy it. I don’t mind housekeeping because I consider it exercise and I like a clean house. My hubby is a great cook and he does most of the deep cleaning. I could care less about TV and I get everything I want from the internet.

    I am quite a bit older than you and was brought up to be responsible and to make my own way in life. I worked in the corporate world for over 40 years and feel it is my time to be me, thus my love for writing.

    I wish you the best with your healing.


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