Dealing With Climate Change

Jim Adams is hosting this challenge and asks us what role we are playing in preventing environmental pollution and climate changes?

Do I believe that humans are damaging the environment of our planet, causing extreme climate and harming its resources?

Yes, I firmly do so.

Now what can I or you can do to lessen this damage because I don’t think that one generation can fix this problem.

My personal contributions are;

Reusing things that can be re-used;

I try not to buy single use plastic bottles but use the regular ones for water. We also use the glass bottle of coffee, jam etc for storing spices etc.

Not using plastic bags;

There is a ban on plastic bags here yet some stores sneak in a few. I always ask them not to give me my stuff in a plastic bag.

Turning off the lights and fans when not in use;

This is both important for the planet and for our pocket as the cost of electricity is shooting up every month. Kids and servants both have a tendency to leave the electric appliance on when not in use.

Not going out a lot hence conserving petrol/ gas;

I don’t go out much anywhere these days so the use of car is minimal.

Trying not to waste clean water

Clean water is a gift of nature and using it for washing cars or driveway is a scandalous waste. I ask everyone to just use water in a bucket and make do with it.

I know these are not very much on their own, but if we all do our bit, we can make a difference.

Are you doing your bit?



36 thoughts on “Dealing With Climate Change

  1. Write and call your representative and legislatures. Contribute to organizations who are fighting climate change. Fighting climate change successfully will require news laws and legislation. Not just saving cutting back on water you use.

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