Following the Green Rabbit-A review ( Re-post)

I am re-posting this review I wrote a while back. Chris Hall is a wonderful writer and a lovely friend. I am posting this in response to Weekly Prompts- Review-2, hosted by Sue W and GC

So I had the pleasure of reading another fantastic book by Chris Hall.

What comes to mind when we read about following a rabbit! But believe me this book has a far more realistic and adventurous theme to it. I enjoyed it tremendously. It is written for adventurers, young and old.

The story revolves around two sisters who find a gateway to past, which takes them to a turbulent time in history.

Their adventures involve them in situations which are risky and dangerous at times. The story grips you and you are engrossed in the world of two centuries ago. The perils and suspense-full twists and turns of the story lead to a satisfying ending.

I would recommend this book highly. Please check it out. It is available on Kindle and Kindle unlimited.




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