Prose poetry- Where did the desire came from?

This week Reena challenged us to write a prose poem based on this line;

An excerpts from the book “Extinctions” by Sharmishtha Mohanty. Her new book is positioned as “a book of poetry in prose.”

It came from somewhere too far to walk, from as far away as the most unreasonable desire, the most devastating hope.


The desire was always there but hidden in the folds of unseen barriers. It was hidden yet near to the core of my heart, but always suppressed. Suppressed yet hoping against hope to get a chance to break through the rigid barriers that kept it imprisoned.

I was firm to lock this longing inside my soul for I was always afraid to let it out. Always afraid to let it be seen or associated with me. For I don’t want to be deemed weak or greedy. I don’t want to be seen as a prisoner of my wants.

But for how long could I hold it back?

It broke free ultimately, and to my shame, it announced itself to the world.

I want to be loved, just like anyone else. I want to be acknowledged like anyone else. And I want to be appreciated like anyone else.

Now the desire has the center stage, and I? I hide in the shadows and am contrite to be seen to be just a needy heart!


I wasn’t sure if this was what the challenge required. But it’s my first attempt at poetic prose/ prose poetry!

Written for RXC # 245, hosted by Reena



46 thoughts on “Prose poetry- Where did the desire came from?

  1. The prose poetry format is becoming a hit 🙂

    Sometimes, such a big deal is made out of just wanting to be acknowledged and appreciated. Then, there may be some who grunt “Weren’t you already getting enough?”

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