A Letter a week- U- Ursula’s Unicorn

Place – Uber cab

Emotion – Uncomfortable

Adjective – Unguarded, unguarded, unending, utter

Verb – Undo

My animal – Unicorn

Ursula loved her unicorn and it went everywhere with her. Once when she and her mom were going to a friend’s house, she forgot it in the Uber cab. When later that night she discovered that the unicorn was missing, she wanted to undo her mistake when she had left the unicorn unguarded in the cab.

She started crying uncontrollably, making her mom so uncomfortable that she located the cab they had used that afternoon and called its driver to ask about the unicorn. Quite unexpectedly, the driver remembered them and had put the stuffed toy away safely. The next morning, to the utter amazement of Ursula’s mom, he brought back the toy to their home thereby earning their unending gratitude.

In response to A letter a week- U, hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam



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