Beat of life

I dance to the beat of my heart, the beat of life itself.

Some days, it’s a happy dance where things happen in a way to make me exuberant and joyful.

And on other days, it’s a dance performed with stress and tension, a dance to the tune of forced duties and obligations unwelcome.

However the die is cast every single day, I am glad to be alive to dance to this beat because only living people have a heart that beats!

It’s time to take out your dancing shoes and be ready to answer the call.

Life is calling you to sway and move to its beat!


Written for Six Sentences Story- Beat, hosted by Denise



64 thoughts on “Beat of life

  1. Beautifully written and lovely to read. What I think is that dance is always an enjoyable activity and anything done in stress or for obligations would rather feel like a parade. To relate it with dance means we should enjoy our obligations as well… Sounds difficult but reasonable.

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