Behind the wall

Curtain – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a crumbling stone curtain wall stretching as far as the edge of the photo.


Can you see what’s on the other side of this wall?

Can you jump high enough to get a glimpse or perhaps use a ladder to climb over the top?

Are you ever curious enough to try to find out?

Or are you content with just what others tell you about what’s out there?

Many of us don’t make the effort to lift the curtain and look out to see for ourself. We are content with what we are told and never are curious enough to verify the facts on our own.

Don’t you think that we should at least try to know the truth of what we are told?


Written for WritePhoto # Curtain, hosted by KL Caley



52 thoughts on “Behind the wall

  1. Seeking truth is important to me–there are too many people who just say anything, and they’ve no idea what they’re talking about. I had a neighbor like that–he moved away, fortunately 🙂

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