How it all started

In the beginning we did everything in person

Or went where we needed to go and do the required

Then we got internet, and everything was done online

Shopping, banking, emails, everything done via internet

What a convenience we say, we can pay the bills from home

Buy stuff without stepping out of the front door

But when the internet gets broken for one reason or the other

We are left stranded without any means to do our chores

I think what we had in the beginning wasn’t that bad after all!


( yesterday we have a big internet outage and it made me realize how dependent we are on it for everything, even blogging!)

Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “In the beginning”

Also included; Cloud and edge computing, hosted by Jim




79 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. The electronic banking scares me most of all. We have a situation here where they can’t find help for banking transactions face to face. You have to call to make an appointment to see a live person now!

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  2. There would be a lot less scams going around without the internet, as we have gotten used to dealing with people that we have never seen before. If everything went back to person to person, face to face, it would be easier to trust everyone again. Thanks for joining in with your lovely scenario about how the internet changed our lives, Sadje.

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  3. If there’s no internet I wont have any chance to talk with my friends who lives in a far away places on the spot. 🥺
    Going out today is like getting rob every day. 🤧😞

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  4. Agreed. It’s important for us to remember to “unplug” from all the technology and remember to do things other ways even just once in a while. The world is too wonderful a place to remain absorbed in a screen the whole time, after all.

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  5. “Blessings come with Burdens”–Internet is a convenience, but our lives seem to stop temporarily when there’s an outage or some other tech-crisis. Some days I wish we could “go back”…but I’m not young enough anymore to do all running around that is no longer necessary, courtesy of online shopping and billing. 🙂

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  6. Yes, this is so true about our technology today. In my work, I continue to use paper often, as a direct result of my concern about tech interruptions and issues you are writing about. Though infrequent, backups are helpful.

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  7. I do love a black out every now and then, because it does remind you to not be so reliant on the interweb. We had a whole state black out here a few years ago. Ever since then, I am always looking for things to do in case of black out. This post actually has reminded me to refresh all of those, lol. Thank you, lol. It’s been a while, but you just never know.

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  8. I remember the first time we got a ‘bug’ and were without for several days. Hubby is very big on protection programs. Somethings I can’t run because of them. I am also very careful about what I ‘click on links’ to.

    I don’t do all that much on line, but enough that when I can’t use it I feel like I’ve lost some of my family! – I still do much in-person. Like this morning I ran a big circle with five errands. I do try to be careful of saving gas. 🙂

    Sometimes I still believe that ‘no news’ is good news. *sign*

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