Blogging Insights NF # 50 “Conversation is King”

This week Dr Tanya has asked our opinion about this quote;

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Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about. ~Cory Doctorow


I do agree with this quote in the context of blogging. We blog and then we wait for others to read and comment on it. A blog post without any comments or reader interaction is just sad.

When I write a post on my blog, I have two things in mind. One is to convey a message of some sort. It could be to spread awareness, or to entertain. The other is to connect with my readers. The first action cannot be complete without the second half. When my post is read by others, they connect to me by giving their reaction to what I wrote.

This is the whole aim of blogging! This connection/ conversation is what makes blogging fun. The community here on WordPress is especially different in this respect that they are very friendly people and also encourage others.


You have to engage with your fellow bloggers before they come to your site and comment on your posts. I’ve read the comments from many new bloggers that nobody comes to read their posts or comments on them. I tell them often that it’s a two-way traffic street, and to get people to visit your blog, you have to visit their blogs too. And leave meaningful comments there.


Written for Blogging Insights- NF #50, hosted by Tanya



57 thoughts on “Blogging Insights NF # 50 “Conversation is King”

  1. You’ve said it just right. It’s also interesting content that gets a comment or conversation started. It is a two way street. Most everyone here are total strangers, until we have some interaction on our blogs. That’s the fun I was missing out on on my other blog, until I came to WP. 🙂

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  2. I was scared to comment when I started blogging. I was worried that I’d say something wrong. I was fortunate though as WordPress was still running their prompts and that drew traffic to my site and taught me how the platform worked

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  3. I appreciate when anyone clicks the like button for one of my posts, but when someone takes the time to write a comment, I feel that the content must have resonated a little more strongly. To garner a written response is always one of my goals.

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  4. So true Sadje. Blogging just like being an Author or writing is about having people read your work then getting to hear their perspective about it, it guides you as a writer whether u are on the right track or not. Thank you for the quote as well it is so true🔥😊🙏

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