Re-share; Lucky to be free

On the occasion of our Independence Day, 14th August, I am resharing this post from last year.


Today is our country’s Independence Day. I am lucky to be born in a free country. Before independence, Pakistan and India were one country, ruled by the British. We were considered second class citizens in our own country and were denied many privileges of free people.

The date, 14th August 1947 was written in blood of people of both countries. There was a lot of needless bloodshed and for many years people could not forget the agony of those days.

The cost of independence was high but now we can live as free people. Freedom is something that is valued above almost everything in life.

I would like to share a few photos of how we celebrate our Independence Day

Founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Youngsters carrying flags, dressed in regional dresses
Public buildings lit up with traditional green and white lights

Our National Anthem;

This anthem has been sung by many of our famous singers as a tribute to Pakistan.




56 thoughts on “Re-share; Lucky to be free

  1. If you you feel free , but if your country is still not religiously freedom. If you give religious freedom then only world will think really your country is got full freedom. I don’t want to hurt you , but I pledge you all religion should be treated equally then More Indian people will support your country

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    1. Thanks Ravi for sharing your thoughts. I think that on paper both our countries grant religious freedom to all those living in the country, but humans being what they are, narrow minded and bigoted, they try to prevent people from practicing their religion as they wish.

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  2. Happy independence to your beautiful country. As the daughter of a once colonized land I can relate. We (Jamaica) celebrated 60 years of independence Aug 6th. Cheers to independence!!!!

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