A few riddles to tease the brain from Rory

Rory, now hosting Earthy comforts has posed these teasers for us;

Where and what does the phrase ‘Mad as a box of frogs originate from and mean?’

Never heard of this before, and I think it’s a British thing! I guess that it means to be very noisily mad!

At what age do you think you would clearly recognise a ‘much younger version of you’ if you bumped into YOU on the street today?[example – if l bumped into any version of me younger than 15 l wouldn’t recognise myself]

For the last 25 years or so I’m more or less the way I am now. Weight-wise. Personality wise I’m like that for the last 15 years or so. A chill sort of person who has stopped being stressed out about everything. So I’ll recognize myself if I bumped into a 45-year-old me!

How would you react if you woke up one morning next to a headless horse?

I’ll think I’ve stepped into an alternate universe, like twilight zone, and would go back to sleep hoping that when I wake up again, it’s gone!

What country would you most like to visit if you were a rabbit and why?

I think I’ll stay where I am because for a rabbit to visit other countries is not easy! I’ll just go and find a lettuce farm someplace and live there.

When did Time actually begin and if you are not sure well then make something up!

I want to be the first one to tell you that time began with the Big Bang. The universe is as old as time!

How often do you forget what you just said… ?

Unfortunately, very often. I also forget what I wrote on someone’s post if they reply to my comment after a couple of days so I go back and read my comment first before replying to theirs!

Who would you rather be – Casper the Friendly Ghost or Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost and why?

I’m the friendly type, so I’ll be Casper 👻

Which came first – the banana or the orange or yellow and orange the colours?

Of course the fruit came first and man when inventing words for colors couldn’t come up with something better so they named the colors after the fruits.

Are we actually living our best lives?

I don’t know about others, but I’m doing my best to do so. Are you?

Do you think we owe the world our life, the world owes us our life, or we owe it to ourselves to live life? [Interpret as you wish]

I think we are in a symbiotic relationship with the world around us, where we rely on each other. If we try to live a life independent of the world around us, it will be a miserable life. So better to be mindful of the environment around us.




50 thoughts on “A few riddles to tease the brain from Rory

  1. About the second last question , “are we actually living our best lives?” ,Sadje asked “are you?” in the answer and for that my response is, “I think I’m not, until now. Cuz since I’m a dependent, sometimes I have to sacrifice my decisions and happiness for my parents 😝I mean if I wanna go out with my friends, I have to get permission even from my granny,even though I’m 21😅 So I hope, I can live my life to the best and fullest when I become independent 🤩😝

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    1. Yes, young people have some restrictions imposed upon them. But as you become independent, you’ll do better. But I feel living our best life means doing the best in the circumstances we find ourselves.

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      1. Everytime I can’t do my best even if I want to. When I think ‘ok this is the best decision’ there will be someone in my fam to confuse me😅(not always).Then I’ll get second thoughts. And I”ll just mess things up (not always). My parents think that I’m not grown enough to take a decision on my own. So they are always ready with a second option for me😅. It’s just they care too much, and I’m afraid that It’ll hurt them if I go against them☺💖.

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  2. I like your answers Sadje. I like the rabbit one.. Me too I would find a decent lettuce patch close by and hang out there. No frequent flyer rabbit miles for me!
    These questions are pretty far out there… You did a great job answering.

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  3. I came for the ‘frogs’ since I like them and they are green.
    So I had to look up the origin of the frog quote since I had never heard of it before;
    Informal Brittish: informal British; Completely insane; crazy.
    Learn something new everyday 🐸
    I’d rather believe frogs are lucky… well maybe not the poisonous ones! 😀

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