The rebellious red cow

My father told me the story of a red cow my grandparents had when he was a boy.

The cow was a bit of a rogue and liked to head-butt people, especially my father. He was supposed to give her food morning and evening, but it always was a challenge to do it without getting a header from her.

My dad devised many plans to perform his task safely. In those days parents were more of a practical bend of mind and kids were allowed to make their own mistakes and that was how my dad learned how to keep the cow at bay while putting her fodder in front of her. He got a sack from somewhere and would throw it over the cow’s head and quickly put the bucket with her food in front of her. There was a string attached to the sack with which he would pull it back when the food was in place and then he would make his getaway.

This photo reminded me of that story!


Written for CCC # 196, hosted by Crispina Kemp



48 thoughts on “The rebellious red cow

  1. I was sitting here with tears in my eyes almost on the verge of victim mode and I come across this story and oh hell I love cows this story made me get chuckle and I was able to release a lot of what wanted to become the victim and me and realize that I’m not a victim I am Glory I am love and I’m blessed because I don’t have to feed the cows giggle giggle Thank you for the story This day this moment that saved this girl

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