It takes courage to keep silent too!

Mich, of Michnavs wrote this very moving post on Friday. Please do check it out!

Her theme was that people who endure heartbreak, violence and tragedies sometimes keep silent; because it is more heroic to do so. And we, the bystander can very easily say that they should share, talk about it or do something about the situation but it’s not always the best option or it can be more damaging for all concerned.

Consider a domestic abused mom who has to jeopardize the welfare of herself and her children if she speaks up or takes action against her spouse. There is always too much riding on this decision to report the abusive husband and if she doesn’t or cannot do this, we should also stand by her and give her the support she needs till she finally can have the courage to speak. Our society condemns these women because they don’t leave their homes immediately.

Our role as caring and supportive people should always be to understand the mental anguish and trauma of people/women facing abusive or other tragic situations and to be there for them in whatever decisions they take. We have to understand that a person in the circumstances can and does know better what they should do than a bystander.

We should stop the culture of blaming the victim!

Written in response to Mich’s post; The wounds we keep



49 thoughts on “It takes courage to keep silent too!

  1. I totally agree…I’ve seen some victims, even among my frnds and how they were judged and criticized by others when they weren’t ready to share their problems and the same goes on when they share.
    But thinking about them, they are now the survivors. So as you said, it’s not always important to share your traumas with others. It’s up to the mental state of the victim. What they need is a strong support to trust upon.
    They should always be aware that there are people to support and help them unconditionally no matter what.

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  2. You hit the highest note of domestic abuse victims Sadje and why most women chose to stay and never leave immediately. With my years of exposure to these victims as i was writing After Rain Skies; one thing is sure though, that they don’t need us questioning their decisions…you are right when you said we support them until they are ready to go or speak up.

    Thank you so much Sadje for joining me in this cause.

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  3. This is an important topic and I’m glad you brought it up, Sadje. I think we all do the best with what we have and what we know…until we know better or have the ability to do better. We all have the ability to judge. It’s important that we do in order to survive. We just don’t always have the wisdom to go along with our judgments. That, in part, is what our journey is about. Learning to be able to discern and judge with the wisdom to go along with it. Mona

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  4. Men also face the stigma of reporting domestic abuse. Socially it is assumed the man is the aggressor, it is so difficult for men to convince others that they often chose to remain silent than challenge preconceived notions

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