Don’t open this envelope!

A situational prompt this week;

Situation 1

Your character finds an old, disposable camera on the ground. They get the photos developed. What they see tells an unsettling story.

Situation 2 ☑️

The doorbell rings and your character answers it – finding nothing but an envelope with nothing on it. They open it and follow the instructions.


Always be wary of strangers giving you instructions

You never know where they will lead you or to what

Found a blank envelope on your doorstep with instructions?

If I were you, I wouldn’t open that envelope or read the note inside

But if your curiosity gets ahead of your sensible thinking

Then do stop and contemplate what you’re about to do!

Does this fall in the realm of sanity or is something too outlandish?

Think carefully before you commit yourself to any harebrained scheme

Always remember that only you’re responsible for your actions


Written in response to RXC # 243, hosted by Reena



69 thoughts on “Don’t open this envelope!

  1. Oh boy! You raise a really good point. I wonder what I would do if I found an unmarked envelope at my front door? I’m a very curious type so I think I know the answer! Could be nothing. Could be Pandora’s box. Oh, the indecision is killing me!

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  2. Intriguing scenarios Sadje with an element of danger to both of them.

    “Does this fall in the realm of sanity or is something too outlandish?”
    I think it falls somewhere in between the 2. 🤔👍😛

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  3. “But if your curiosity gets ahead of your sensible thinking”…

    My favorite part. Many times my curiosity got ahead of my sensible thinking. I really must stop and think at such times.

    Thanks, Sadje, for your wise poem.

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