My space

I have very strong feelings about my space.

I can do all I need to do in my home, taking care of daily chores, cooking, washing, etc, and managing the staff that works in our home but after all that I need to relax in my space.

A space where I can do as I like, listen to music I prefer, watch shows that I like, or keep it at the temperature I prefer.

It’s not that others cannot share this space with me, they surely can but it has to be my way because it is how I like it!

Do you think it’s selfish of me to be so possessive about my space, to want to keep it just the way I want it?

I think that after sacrificing my sleep, my peace of mind for my family for more that 37 years, I’ve earned this corner of my home as my sole piece of paradise.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Space, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise



81 thoughts on “My space

  1. Yes! You have. And it’s a very lovely space. You deserve to enjoy it and use it however you wish. I, too, have a space where I do my writing. It is my haven, my place of refuge. We are indeed lucky to have these special places of peace and solitude.

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  2. I think we’re all the same, we each have a special space. My dad had his chair, no one else sat in it and he used to know that it was there when he needed it. 😊

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  3. You have most certainly earned this space and there is nothing selfish in claiming it as your OWN 😊and having others honoring it in the way you want it to be honored. Enjoy your slice of haven DocMom. Though I do see why others wanna invade —it’s beautiful.

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  4. “r keep it at the temperature I prefer.” .. i was smiling when i read this… oh, this is so true to me too.. i can’t tolerate a very cold temperature or in a room with an air-conditioning unit is on a full blast.

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  5. Sadje,
    I think everyone deserves to have a space to call their own. Of course, you deserve to have this space the way you want. I think it’s beautiful and peaceful and creative! I love how airy and open it is and all of the plants! It feels relaxing and rejuvenating. You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of everyone else and everything else! That is the opposite of selfish. That is smart. If anyone gives you any grief about having your own space, you tell them they can come and talk to me. I’ll set them straight! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Mona

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  6. I think at this point – my hubby would say our home is my space 😉
    Except where he keeps his tools in the garage and his half of our bedroom closet 😉

    I too would love to have a greenhouse space like the one in the image. Though the plants would not do well there in the winter. As it really isn’t a green house.

    Maybe when I empty my ‘porch pod’ I’ll be able to make it a similar space. I have a hanging rope chair in there that I’d love to be able to use again.

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    1. Oh I hope you can do that. My real space is not like the one in the photo. It’s always changing according to where I am at that moment. But it has to be a place I’m comfortable in.

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