Persistence pays

This week Dr Tanya has asked our opinion about this quote;

” The difference between writers who finish books and those who don’t– is that the finishers don’t stop writing until they get to : THE END.” —- Brian Hutchinson, author of Writer’s Doubt.


To write a story or a novel, one needs to not only have a story in one’s head, and determination to write it, but also the persistence to get to the end.

In fact to complete any job or task, one needs the will to take it to the end. Many would-be writers with their half-finished manuscripts can testify to this fact. Just today I was Ritu’s blog where she wrote that she has already finished the rough draft of her second book in a few days. I know many bloggers who are successful writers and I think the difference between those who finish and publish a book and those who don’t is just this; the burning desire to get the book/ story out of their head and onto the paper/ screen.

I have a notion to compile a poetry book from the poems I’ve already written in my blog one day but since the drive is missing, I haven’t even started it yet.

The simple truth is that the doers do and others just talk, think or plan. I fall in the second category.

What about you? Any plans to write a book or have you already done that?

Written for Blogging Insights- NF # 49, hosted by Tanya



76 thoughts on “Persistence pays

  1. It’s true by definition. Books don’t write themselves; you must have the drive to see the job through. I’ve written several books and each time I was motivated to have that completed project. But since I’ve had little success in sales, I’m not motivated to finish the rest of my work in progress. Unless you’re willing to commit to immense marketing efforts, your finished book will likely just sit there on Amazon, unknown forever. So it’s understandable not to put in the effort…

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  2. You can do it, Sadje. I know everyone has their process, but depending on your schedule, working on a project like a collection of poetry little by little each day can make a big impact. ^_^ I’ve been having to do the same thing, with hopes to self-publish my own poetry collection as well. ^_^

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  3. It’s so true about the execution part of a plan. I also think it takes a lot of people around you who are supportive and believe in you. Self-drive and determination are key, as is working a plan that fits your lifestyle. I agree with Ritu, you can do it, Sadje. I know it.

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  4. I’m in the middle of writing a story. But the thing is ,since I am waiting for my pg admission, a lot of interruptions are coming in between. So while I decide to write the next part, I’m getting distracted. Therefore I think along with self-drive and determination, a suitable surrounding without interruptions is also important.

    Even while I’m commenting now too, my sister is coming in between ,making a distraction 😂

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  5. Well I want to publish my book one day that’s about Men’s Fashion & Style, I am a persistent blogger who can start a blog , write it and publish it same day of which if I keep this up I can land my book quicker in a short time frame. Great post Sadje by the way💯💯🔥

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