Neither black or white but grey

For some people grey color to equates to dull

But I love all shades of grey for its calmness

I love wearing grey with a splash of bright colors

And grey sky is a harbinger of welcome rains

Smoky eyes used to be my favored makeup look

And what could be better than a pair of grey shoes

You might have guessed from my poem

That I really love all shades of grey


Written for;Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Greyish, hosted by Sue W and GC



91 thoughts on “Neither black or white but grey

  1. I do like grey but not so much in the home. Everyone in the U.K. seems to have it. Little boxes that all look the same. It’s been around for a good few years so it’s high time a new colour hit the decorating paint charts.
    Thank you for joining us Sadje 🙂

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  2. Oh I love gray too, and used gray eyeshadow and kohl liner when I was younger. My apartment has a fair amount of gray–with lots of turquoise and other colors as accents. And yes, a gray sky with hopes of rain–Bring it On!! Gray is a poet’s friend😊

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  3. My husband and I decided long back that we would not dye our hair. From black to grey to white is a natural process. I am thankful about our decision, what a headache it would have been to dye our hair every month 🙂

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