The golden pond

Marty loved to play by the pond in the summers. The fairies also came to play there too and though they never acknowledged Marty, they both were aware of each other’s presence.

But one day, the fairies were forced to acknowledge not only Marty but also to appreciate his brave gesture. The incident occurred one day mid-afternoon when the adults were busy inside and only Marty was playing with his wooden sword in the garden. There were loud thumps and something large came out of the trees at the end of the garden. It was an ugly, evil troll. Marty was a brave little boy and when he saw the troll heading towards the golden pond he started shouting loudly to warn the fairies. His shouting distracted the troll and gave enough time to the fairies to hide.

Marty ran inside when he saw the troll coming for him and was saved.

From that day onwards whenever he went out to play, he would find a nice surprise for him in the garden, a thank you gift from the fairies.


Written for CCC # 195, hosted by Crispina Kemp



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