Sunday Poser # 92

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

Are you tech-phobic?

I think that this question is more pertinent to people who didn’t grow up with the modern technology, like me. Although I am able to operate my iPhone, my laptop and other sundry gadgets, I am afraid/ hesitant of learning to use new devices and systems.

A blogging friend, Renard has been suggesting that I should try Linux for many months now but I’m still hesitating. Last November, I splurged on a new MacBook on my birthday, but that too is sitting there because…… I am intimidated by technology that I haven’t used before.

What is your relationship with technology? Do you find it easy to master new tech or is it difficult for you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



87 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 92

  1. Since, I was a techie many, many years ago, I can manage okay. However, I am by no means proficient. My knowledge is ancient in technology terms…things change so very quickly.
    The Mac is a great choice. You can do it. 👍

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  2. Sometimes it’s kinda hard. But if we have an interest and willing to learn it with patience, new technologies are kinda easy to handle(This is what I learned from my experience.)
    So don’t hesitate Sadje. Go for it. Learning makes everything easier. And it’s always good to keep up with new technologies. Cuz new inventions provides us with more options and facilities and makes everything much easier and quicker.

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  3. I had a Mac & never liked it, though I love my iPhone. I just vastly prefer a normal laptop with a keyboard that’s more like a standard one. It drove me nuts not having a back & front delete! I guess I’m a little tech phobic, in that I prefer to continue with the tech I already have rather than try anything new…

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  4. When I originally entered the workforce, computers were just beginning to make an entrance. I grew up with technology basically, and I think for that reason, I’m curious and proficient around it now.

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        1. I’ve done my fair share of using both as well as Linux. Mac is not what I would call more intuitive than Windows, just different. I have personally found that what you are used to, and what conforms most closely to that is what counts as most “intuitive”. Therefore, someone who was introduced to computers on Unix-based systems is likely to find Mac or even Linux more intuitive, as they are both based on Unix, whereas those of us who cut our teeth on DOS, tend to find Windows a bit more comfortable. As far as the GUI goes, that is equally subjective. Personally, I don’t particularly like it because I don’t use it that frequently. Things aren’t necessarily where they are “supposed” to be in my opinion. I’d almost bet money that for those who use Macs regularly would say the same thing about the Windows GUI.

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          1. I think that you’re very right. It is basically what we are used to and learning to use new tech in 50’s or 60’s seems daunting. But some people find it easier than others! I

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  5. I didn’t have computers or phones you cold carry with you when I was younger. In fact, it hasn’t been that long since we finally got any of the new technology. It takes me quite awhile to learn how to use them, but when I finally find a way, I keep on using it and don’t want to try anything else. Changes are hard! 🙂

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  6. I am able with technology to a certain point, and when I reach that point, I can learn a new skill, or ask for help. Often, I ask for help, as learning a new skill right now is not super feasible or practical. I am also getting a new Mac soon. 😁

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  7. I am a lot younger than you are and grew up with computers and the Internet, but even I was hesitant to learn to use an iPhone. When I took the plunge at age 31 in 2017, I loved it and I bought a MacBook eighteen months later, but that wasn’t a success. It wasn’t for lack of trying though. I do think I’m mildly tech-phobic though, in the sense that, even though I’m willing to try new things, I am rarely if ever an early adopter.

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  8. Back in the day I was very tech-savvy and I had to stay sharp when I was still working, but since I retired six years ago, I lost my edge. I can still handle basic things, but if it’s more complex, I usually call my tech-savvy son for assistance.

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          1. I’m intimidated by technology–and my response is to get angry/irritated. Angry because every new technological advance pitches the idea that the latest gadget will make all of life “easier”, “quicker”, “better”. And irritated with myself because I don’t think I’m stupid, so why can’t I just “get it”, make it work for me.😉

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  9. i am teenager still i feel that technology is affecting our relationship with humans! of course I find it easy to adjust to technology since we teens are practically digital natives. But i dont fancy it,
    ~ Kunjal
    We both contemplated about this idea and even wrote a post about it at our blog too!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! My grandson is almost a teenager now and he can master most things quickly. But you’re right that it’s creating a barrier between humans.

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      1. I thought it was okay or maybe it was the version I was working with since it was over 10 years ago but there was quite a bit of code writing in a command box, which I didn’t like. I guess it just depends on the type of user.

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  10. A friend has been slowly bringing me into the modern age with the gift of a Firestick for the TV and an Echo Dot to do many things with. I am receptive to new things but there is a learning time frame and I am still a bit of a newbie.

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