A new type of wallpaper

Have you gifted your children or your grandkids a box of crayons? Chalks? Markers?

If you have, be mentally prepared to see new wall art in your home, sofas, tables, clothes, etc.

When my kids were small we didn’t have washable kind of color pencils or markers so inevitably, the walls were quite lavishly patterned with the things kids like to draw. Sun, house, flowers, and trees. We really didn’t need wallpaper as it was lovely, in a different sort of way.

Now when I get some art supplies for my grandkids, it’s all washable and safe for children. But don’t you believe all that’s printed on the box. It may come off the hands but not from the tapestry, or their clothes. There are always faint stains left behind.

We waited till our kids were grown up to get the house repainted. Now our grandkids are our new decorators!


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wallpaper.” Use it however you’d like. Have fun!

In response to Linda’s SoCS- Wallpaper



55 thoughts on “A new type of wallpaper

  1. Ah yes, little kids and interior decorating! 😁👍They seem to have a natural talent for painting a mess on our walls! 😛😂 You speak for so many parents of young kids with this one Sadje! 😁

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      1. As you said in the writing, now a lot more washable colours and cool gadgets that protects our walls are available in the market . The advertisements for paints in the tv itself uses this theme of ‘children drawing in the wall’😁.

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  2. Aw, lovely! It reminds me of the day we, adolescents at the time, were actually allowed to color on the walls of one of the blindness rehabilitation center’s buildings because the building would be torn down anyway. It wasn’t within the next year at least after all.

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  3. …Yes there is always some residue. And stains and such are why we have waited for our grands to be old enough before getting our new carpet downstairs! I’ll have to be a bit dilligent to start – to keep dirt and stains away. And expecially no food down where the carpet is for visitors!! We have ample space for food and art projects without having to have supplies fall on the ‘new carpet’ 🙂

    It is fun to watch children create. I always ask about color or shape and let them tell me more about their art before I (perhaps) wrongly guess at their masterpieces 🙂 💕

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