The glowing bride

Resplendent in all her bridal glory

Glowing with happiness on her special day

Eyes sparkling with joy and hidden amusement

She is the focus of all eyes on this, her wedding day

Solemn and serious, she cannot be for this is

A day when dreams long dreamt are finally realized


Written for;Eugi’s, Moon-washed Musings Weekly Challenge – Resplendent – August 2, 2022



66 thoughts on “The glowing bride

  1. Hubby and I, and the one son’s in-laws though married at least a year or so apart – The brides… our dresses were very similar!! 😀

    My wedding though was mostly for my parents. I could have eloped! 😉

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      1. I think for some families…weddings can get out of hand, but they bring everyone together – with not enough time to visit. Some of the costs now a days is just outrageous.

        Since I couldn’t use my mothers gown… my one Gran got mine for me. But… with only sons… I ended up gifting my gown to an agency that gives gowns to those who can’t afford them.

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              1. Just a different form of recycling. A place to donate unwanted items to, that can be used by someone else with the funds helping the charity that collects the stuff. We have several here. I often donate to one, but buy at the other – so there is no chance of buying my own things back ;D

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