August poetry challenge- Door- A haibun

Rebecca of Fake Flamingo has challenged us to write a Haibun this month, the topic is;


For the challenge, write a brief paragraph of up to six lines or sentences in poetic prose without rhyming. Then write a related haiku using different words than the prose (like the cousin rather than a twin). For a detailed description of haiku, see the October 2020 challenge. Finally, title your poem, or title it first if you like. The theme is door. Choose to write about a physical or metaphysical entrance; beginning, portal, invitation, threshold, new age, or next step. You are not required to use the word door. Rated G please.


Knocking on the wooden door I feel the anticipation. Apprehension too for who may open it or what it may entail. A door is a portal to an unknown, unexpected place. Bravely I push it inwards.

With a silent swish 
The wooden gates glide open
Secrets are revealed




67 thoughts on “August poetry challenge- Door- A haibun

  1. This door and your piece remind me of part of a show I watched where a young woman belonged to a restricted covenant were only three other nuns lived. They had a heavy door that kept the public out!

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