Successful people don’t quit!

Today’s quote that Dr Tanya has presented to us for discussion is;

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” — Richard Bach


Although I agree with this quote in reference to writing in general, it hardly applies to blogging. A person who aspires to be a professional writer starts as an amateur and kept on diligently writing till they achieved success.

And as Tanya said in her post, any person who acquires success has had to work hard and consistently to get where they wanted to reach.

In blogging world, the success is measured differently. Some people want to be read and appreciated, irrespective of the number of followers they have. While others measure success by the number of people who follow their blog or leave likes and comments on their posts.

In blogging, there’s a world of difference between a professional blogger and a personal one ( non-professional), they aim for different things and the way they approach blogging is different too. A professional wants to make money from their blog. That is done by advertising, using sponsored links, and promoting other products that in turn pay them. While a personal blogger blogs for personal satisfaction only. They may dream of making some money by getting WordPress to advertise Wordads on their blog but that never amounts to more than a few dollars.

In conclusion, I’d say that gaining success in any field needs hard work. Writing is no different. And in blogging, if you want to achieve your personal goals, put in the effort!


Written in response to Blogging Insights- NF # 48, hosted by Tanya



46 thoughts on “Successful people don’t quit!

  1. Well said. I am definitely a personal blogger as I blog in hopes of bring at least one smile per blog. That is how I measure success in my writing. I am also an Indie writer, again not for the money but for my enjoyment of writing and hopefully the encouragement I may bring others. But there is fun in the effort.

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  2. I do it for the community aspect and because I like/need to write — and read. Something about having others read what I’ve written is satisfying. I’ve learned so much about writing from reading others.

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  3. Well written Sadje! 👌👏😁 I would regard myself as a personal blogger also, not a professional. I value people’s responses to my posts and get a kick out of connecting with folk through my writing/poetry/blogging. But like yourself still put in a lot of hard work on my blog. You can be hard working without being paid.

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  4. I was professional writer when I worked in PR and advertising. All my work was writing articles, ads, newsletters, brochures and billboards. Then I turned to fiction writing and had children’s stories published in children’s magazines and newspapers. Then I wrote for websites and magazines. Finally blogging. I don’t consider myself a “professional” writer these days unless I take on a project that I get paid for.

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  5. I don’t have any real goals for my blog. It’s just something that I enjoy. Lately, I have been in a dry spell and have not written often. This happens now and then but doesn’t bother me too much. I appreciate the understanding of those who follow me. I visit the blogs I follow and do a “like” so they know I’ve read what they have posted though I don’t always comment.

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  6. I keep wondering why people get so hung up on the professional vs. amateur tags. For blogging, it makes NO difference. If you’re trying to write a great novel, it can be a long haul until you get there — if ever. If you want to earn a living as a writer, you need to be a pro, but to earn a living you pretty much need to be a pro at whatever you do There are no freebies in achieving success.

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