Five star or pan?

This weekend, GC and Sue W have given us the challenge Review.


How you felt when you read/ watched or used the product you’re reviewing, influences what you have to say about it. Or the money you spent on this product plays a major role in how you feel about it. There are many ways to critique something or someone’s performance;

“This is great. But I think you have gone too far with the emphasis on the wrong aspect of this issue”This is honey coated criticism can be sometimes hard to swallow.

Being kind even when being honest is a great quality when reviewing something or someone. One doesn’t need to shred someone’s confidence because you didn’t like what they made or wrote. It is not necessary to express yourself in hurtful words when reviewing a product.

What influences you when you review a book, a product or a movie/play etc? Or critique someone’s performance?


Written for Weekly Prompts- Review, hosted by Sue W and GC



32 thoughts on “Five star or pan?

    1. I actually very rarely read the reviews before I buy or watch something. I think your strategy is wiser. I’ve written a few reviews of books that I’ve read, and did it with all honesty and kindness.

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  1. I write a lot of reviews and I there’s always a positive. Even if I really hated the product, others look at it differently, so you have to try and present both sides so others can make an informed decision.

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  2. I really do prefer reviewers on here or a place like Goodreads. I can’t remember the last time I actually read a critics review of something. I think like E.A. Wickham above. I don’t think I’ve ever not read or have read something because of a negative review. A couple of times I’ve read something that a lot of people didn’t like, but I loved it.

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  3. I write a lot of reviews, especially on Amazon. I try to be fair and positive. I’ve written 2 negative reviews, out of over 100, but in a polite and positive way. One, I didn’t receive the product but was charged for it, and the other was the product was damaged beyond repair. Both were resolved but only after I wrote the negative review, otherwise I was ignored.

    Regarding books, I never write a negative review because readers have different views about what they like.

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    1. Wow! 100 reviews are a lot. I’ve seldom reviewed products but have written book reviews. You’re right that the fact that we are ignored if we don’t react is a sad fact of today’s marketplace. Thanks for sharing Eugenia


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