Living in sunshine

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (Photo or Writing Challenge)

Living in a country located near the equator, I’m not a fan of sunshine except in winter months. But Sunshine also stands as a analogy for happiness.

I feel a surge of immense gratitude

When my optimism makes me realize

Whatever is going wrong, will right itself

Because at the end things take care of themself

An that sun will rise tomorrow, regardless of clouds


Gloom and despair 

Eat away at the soul

Wishing you sunshine

Of hope and positivity

Always shining on your day

Be the sun that is cheerful

Not a dark cloud on the horizon

People value those more who

Bring joy and smiles with them

And add to the spirit of the party!


Written for;WQW #28: Livin’ in Sunshine Even When the Sun Don’t Shine, hosted by Marsha



49 thoughts on “Living in sunshine

        1. That’s Karachi. These aren’t floods per sé but damage due to rains. Karachi and Baluchistan aren’t used to having rains so it severely disrupts life and causes loss of life and property.

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  1. The Sun God “Ra” was one of the most powerful deities in the Egyptian pantheon. The ancients did not approach scientific discovery using the methods employed today but they understood the power of Ra’s life-giving energy. The ability of the sun to affect our moods in positive ways is undeniable.

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  2. Sunshine is tied so strongly, not only to life but to emotions. Your poems emote positivity and radiate the glow of warmth found in sunshine. Thanks for sharing, Sadje. 🙂

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      1. I understand your preference to winter sunshine. Scottsdale is in the desert valley in Arizona where it gets to 115 or 120 fairly regularly in the summer. In the winter it is a mecca for people who want to escape winter’s chill in the northern states.

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          1. That’s not much cold weather! I don’t think Scottsdale ever gets cold. I wouldn’t mind 2-3 weeks of cold. We get a lot more than that in Prescott, which is only an hour and a half north of Scottsdale.

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