The paths we have treaded

A single line prompt for this week –

The only ghost that scares is a past version of you.


No one said that loving was easy
No one ever said life and living were easy
The journey is convoluted
It’s riddled with traps
A one-way ticket that has no returns
So what scares me is to relieve the past
To face the challenges I have already conquered
To relive the trials and tribulations of yesterday
And worst of all to face the past version of you
Who has evolved with me
You who have changed and mellowed
You, now a person I’m proud of now
I dare to go into a future yet unknown

Than to return a past that I have already traveled


Written for RXC #241, hosted by Reena



53 thoughts on “The paths we have treaded

  1. The past may hold good memories but the bad once come with it too… a future may hold pleasures much greater than anything in your yesterdays…. this poem is right on, don’t dwell in the past, dive into the future!

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