My TV viewing habits

This week Fandango asks us about our TV viewing habits.

I’ll answer these questions together instead of separately.

I live in Pakistan. And we have 4 TV sets in our home. One in the family lounge, and three in bedrooms. It’s not that we need so many TVs but when we upgrade to a newer model, instead of selling the old one at a fraction of the original cost, we put it in one of the bedrooms. The latest one was the one my husband bought for our bedroom when I had my surgery. He felt that I might need some entertainment because I’m almost bed-bound.

Before my surgery, I’d only watch a movie or a serial with my family, as family entertainment. I didn’t watch tv regularly as I preferred to blog. Now since I have too much time to kill I typically watch either a movie a day or a few episodes of some show that takes my fancy. I’d recommend “Blown away” as it’s a lot of fun and the episodes are about 25 minutes long.

I never watch the news if I have an option to walk away from it. All news is depressing and demoralizing. I don’t like live tv either as I don’t remember the times any show is aired. My entertainment of choice is Netflix as it’s the only platform that offers a variety of shows and movies that interest me. We do have Amazon prime here but it’s being aired from India so most of the content is Indian and not in Hindi that I understand but in regional languages, which I don’t.

I’m waiting when I’ll be able to go to a theater and watch the new Thor and Topgun movie. Perhaps the new Minions too.

In response to FPQ # 175, hosted by Fandango



46 thoughts on “My TV viewing habits

  1. I have had Netflix for a few years and like it. It does seem there are more foreign programs and movies now. When English is dubbed, it is often difficult to understand, and I don’t like closed captioning. But Netflix does seem to have more of what I like than regular TV programming.

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    1. Yes, they do have a lot of foreign content nowadays. In fact, they make original Netflix content in other languages too. But it has more choice than local tv.


  2. Sadje,

    Another one for your to be watch list is Elvis the film which is outstanding and might win an Oscar for sure.
    I watched Top Gun, Maverick and loved it- completely meant for the screen.

    I hope you get better soon and can go watch at the movies.

    Just like you I run away a mile from news, which is so toxic and negative. I focus on my books, blog, meditation, yoga, and nature trysts.

    I wrote something on my blog recently which I feel you would enjoy. Here you go:

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  3. So understand about the news being depressing and all but then how do you learn what is happening and what is important to know? Without getting some, even just the main items, it seems one ends up living in a bubble – my daughter does this and is woefully uninformed of the important issues of the nation and the day? Just me.

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    1. I tried watching it but since I had watched the older version of it which was probably produced by Hallmark, I didn’t like it much. But thanks for the recommendation.


  4. I think the local news is often better at adding feel good stories and of course I like to keep track of the weather being in tornado season. I kind of block out a lot of the rest.

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