Waiting for the perfect conditions?

Dr Tanya has asked our opinion about this quote this week;

” A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word to paper.” E. B. White


We all need to have conditions that are conducive to writing. They might not be ideal but they have to be such that writing comes easily to us.

I prefer an environment free from distraction of people talking. Be it real people or on tv. That just distracts me so much that I cannot form a thought to put in writing. I like to be by myself and with some soft music playing in the background when I write.

Good writing is much more than our environment and surroundings. Good writing is basically a good idea. And a good idea can come to us at anytime. The trick is to write it down so that we don’t forget it, which is often the case with me.

And writing needs commitment. Without commitment, writing a short post isn’t easy. If we are serious about writing, we need to follow through our resolve to write.

I’ve known bloggers who post sporadically, because there is a lot going on in their lives. But basically it comes down to how committed they are to their writing. I find time to write on days even when I’m very busy because I am committed to my blog. If I know I’ll be unavailable, I pre-schedule posts for those days. And I do try to keep my posting streak unbroken.

In conclusion, I think that writing needs a basic level of comfort where one can write without interruption, a good idea to write about and a commitment to o writing.


In response to Blogging Insights- NF # 47, hosted by Tanya



58 thoughts on “Waiting for the perfect conditions?

  1. I think I lie somewhere in between on this! I do a lot of my writing either in a coffee shop, where it can be busy, or at home after the kids go to school, when it’s quiet. So either environment can be conducive to me for writing depending on mood.

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  2. Writing minus distraction is so key, Sadje.

    I love writing in the lap of nature, surrounded by plants and birds. Sometimes when the weather is good I sit in our terrace and write. Or in winters I go sit in the park to write.
    At home I like to write with some soft music surrounded by my crystals.

    Writing is a very cathartic experience for me.

    Hope you are doing well. Been a while. 🙂 ❤

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  3. I agree with your last line. I also like to work in quiet. Though if I must I will scribble on anything. As good ideas will not wait. Which is why I try not to look at prompts until I have a chunk of time I can commit to it.

    I generally write at least one thing to post a day. I also pre-post/plan if I am traveling. I’d like to think I have a fan base that would and I would like to keep them happy 😉

    Sometimes though something can be very personal, and I will not post it. But at least it was released in the writing of it and the weight was lessened. 🙂

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