Avoiding the extremes

Sometimes we are motivated to go to the extremes

Extreme diets and extreme workouts all to get instant results

But life works at its own pace and has a way to equalize everything

So starving yourself seldom works in the long run

And overexerting with physical exercise doesn’t work the way we want

In the end, it’s slow and steady that wins the race for us

But all’s well that ends well when we do it in moderation


Written for; WednesdayThoughts, hosted by Jim; you can write anything that you feel is appropriate, as long as you use the title phrase of “All’s well that ends well”

Also written for;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Extreme, hosted by Sue W and GC




46 thoughts on “Avoiding the extremes

  1. Not only do extreme diets and exercise not work, they can actually cause damage. The whole “no pain, no gain” is nonsense. Pain is your body’s way of pointing out that you should either stop or change how you are doing whatever you are doing. And starving yourself NEVER works. You wind up GAINING weight long term.

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  2. You are so right. Slow dieting has worked for me in the past, but faster results always ended up with even faster weight gain and usually more than I had to start with. Your post reminds me that I need to begin another slow and steady path. Thank you for taking part, Sadje.

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