How long is too long?

This week Fandango asks us;

Do you have a preference with respect to the length of blog posts you read? Does the number of words in a post affect how you read it or even if you will read it? What is your average post length?


I think what I could glean from my stats, my average post is 154 words long!

I was never a long content writer and with time my posts have become shorter on average. The main reason is that I mostly write poems and they are as a rule, short. And if I do write opinion posts, I try to keep them short and avoid repeating myself.

As far is reading long posts is concerned, it all depends on the subject matter of the post and how it grabs my attention! Also, the availability of time plays a big role in my ability to read long posts. Some stories, though long, are so interesting that I don’t even notice how long they are. But dry, sermon-type of posts aren’t my cup of tea and I usually skim through them. There is one notable exception to this and these are personal stories. I like to read when bloggers share their experiences and it is an opportunity to find a common shared issue or experience.

This post has 230 words!


In response to FPQ # 174 , hosted by Fandango



94 thoughts on “How long is too long?

  1. 🙂 You probably know by now that my specialty is the creation of long-form content.

    Anything less than 1000 words is considered short-form content by me.

    When it comes to the length of blog posts, size does not matter. All I care about is that it is well-researched, well-written and entertaining.

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  2. I think I do as well, because I like to see what people are posting and interact, and I have a limited amount of time to read. That’s not to say I won’t read a long post when it captures my interest.

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  3. yours seem to be just the right length for me, I tend to put long ones off to read later, though I worry that I sometimes don’t get back to them, even though my intentions are good

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  4. Just the right length to keep my attention Sadje! Great answers. It really depends on if I have time or not that day and if the subject catches my attention. Meaningful and heartfelt are always ones that catch me!

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  5. I enjoy poetry, flash fiction and even some longer pieces. But what I cannot abide is post that is full of several links, and that drone on for what seems like several written 8 x 10 pages (single space!). Politcs aren’t my thing either. Most of my own posts – if it doesn’t fit on the single page space provided in my documents… (the meat of my pieces) then I will edit them. I know I have links to the prompts and to a page where you can find books. But they are near the end and can be easily skipped if one isn’t interested.

    The longest posts I read are the prompt post from Carrot Ranch. I must admit though that I do not go to every link.
    I enjoy posts that are happy, share history and are entertaining. 😀

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  6. I don’t think anyone reads a full article these days including myself but I did read that entire article. Why? Because it was short and to the point. Shorter articles will be or already becoming a trend regardless of how Yoast scores them.

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  7. I share your view that posts should usually be short, something I like to do. But sometimes, the inspiration to write about something of interest hasn’t burned out and the ideas keep coming. I think in cases like that, you have to keep writing. So long as the content is engaging, the reader will lose track of time when reading.

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    1. You”re not wrong, but it all depends on the reader and many other factors. We live in a Snapchat instagram culture and your lucky if anyone reads a 2 or 3 sentence social media post. How many times have we all put a bunch of bs in an article just to reach the magical number set by a tech company like google? But the trend is to write shorter articles

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