Another cup?

How can you function in the morning without that first cup of coffee?”, Jackie asked her new roommate in curiosity.

Oh I never developed a liking for it or even tea, my mom told me it’s bad for my health so I have stuck to just plain milk all through, even the nights I stay up late to finish my assignments or studying late”, Marla said.

And that’s how they lived for five years finishing their medical studies and becoming fast friends in the process, she having innumerable cups of coffee every day and Marla, just having milk or something healthy.

They drifted apart when they started their careers and families, and when they accidentally bumped into each other 25 years later at a medical conference, Marla carrying a huge cup of steaming black coffee in her hand and Jackie with a cup of cold water.

After the initial ooohs and aahs, Jackie noticed the coffee in her friend’s hand and directed a questioning look at her, “oh you know late nights at the hospital finally made me a friend of coffee, but where’s yours?” she couldn’t believe that Jackie was without coffee.

“My doctor said that too much coffee is giving me ulcers” Jackie said with a rueful smile.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Coffee, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise



78 thoughts on “Another cup?

  1. A fun story about coffee. I mix mine with part decaf and ‘hightest’ 😉
    Some true coffee folks would find that horrid. But it works for me.
    I don’t need coffee, but sometimes it is nice.

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      1. Mine too I have acid relux( gerd) and sometimes it triggered by how much coffee I drink. I usually have a cup a day if that. I have to space it out. I am learning to be okay without it. It’s hard though.

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  2. Me, i have enough with two steaming cups of coffee with soy milk every morning. (All seasons) from there on its water or tea. Water — room temp; tea, hot. Always. This was fun to read. How things change! Thanks for sharing. Xoxoxo

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  3. The key word in your story Sadje, at least to me, is …too much coffee… That does not and it should not mean no coffee at all.
    A typical problem we have in western medicine is trying to fix one problem by creating in the process another.
    Btw, I hope your recovery goes as planned.

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